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  1. Hello Everyone, Good Afternoon We are pleased to announce that our website is finally live. Currently, we are looking for a few individuals to test out our website and give us thoughts on content, presentation etc. We would like you to really immerse yourself in our website and be critically aware of each element, further providing constructive feedback in the process. Feedback can even include how we can make website better/content you'd like to see more of on website or content that is 'missing' from the website (your own preferences). If you are interested in getting involved/ are able for us to use your responses within our project (as research) then please email us here after viewing the website (link below): Please send your responses here (as detailed as possible): balletiaminteractive@gmail.com Our official website: https://www.balletiaminteractive.com Thank you in advance. Happy Sunday! Best Ash + Denise (co-collaborators of 'Ballet I AM')
  2. Hello Everyone, Good Morning Following on from our last post we are now looking for responses from all (over 18's). We would like to know your own journeys with dance and what it gives you. See example below: "Ballet for me represents confidence, growth and freedom."- Jasper (West Midlands) Ideally we would be looking for responses to include first names and states (where you may recide). However this can simply be changed to UK/USA etc. where prefered. We looking forward to seeing your responses soon :). The responses will be used on our website (once sufficient written consent has been gained) under the section #myballetstory. If you would like to remain annoymous however this is possible too). Please note responses will be constructed into speech bubbles and possibly may be distributed on our social media channels too. Social: https://www.instagram.com/ballet_iam/ We aim to instill confidence and growth within all. Further hoping to inspire many with our project and also spread teh word on accessibility (and how we hope to work on this factor in our own way). Whilst promoting positivity, our interest with 'ownership' and more. Responses now open: balletiaminteractive@gmail.com [please email us here] Thank You Have a nice day Ash + Denise (Ballet I AM)
  3. Hello Anna C, Good afternoon Thank you for making me aware of all. I understand. Would you like us to repost message by stating 'over 18's' etc. for re-circulation? Thank You Have a nice day Best The Ballet I AM Team (Ash & Dance)
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Ash and I am a final year student, doing my final project on Ballet (and the accessibility of it). The project involves peoples stories and various media based formats looking to add to the accessibility of Ballet and draw light to the ownership of it (encompassed into an interactive website- coming soon). Currently, we are looking to learn more about peoples ballets stories and their own journey with all. Thus am looking for participants. If this interests you in any way then please email your responses to the following address: balletiaminteractive@gmail.com We look forward to sharing our project with you all soon! In the meantime why not give us a follow here to check out some exclusive content: [Instagram handle @ballet_iam]: Facebook Page: Ballet I AM *We have also attached our official 'about us' page too. Thank You Happy Viewing and Sharing Ash (University Student) & Denise (Co-Collaborators of 'Ballet I AM') Ballet- I AM (By Ash and Denise) (1).pdf
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