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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone else noticed that all one’s personal event history has been wiped from our ROH accounts? Do we know why? And, more importantly, does anyone know if it will be re-instated? I’m feeling quite bereft not being able to easily access that information of my pre-Covid life.
  2. You can make Slippers & Tutus a great place to get your child's ballet clothing. All you have to do is answer a few questions so we know how to bring you the best shopping experience. If there's anything that you need to know about the survey feel free to ask. hfettps://samrs.typeform.com/to/MLRJ6O
  3. Hello Everyone, Good Morning Following on from our last post we are now looking for responses from all (over 18's). We would like to know your own journeys with dance and what it gives you. See example below: "Ballet for me represents confidence, growth and freedom."- Jasper (West Midlands) Ideally we would be looking for responses to include first names and states (where you may recide). However this can simply be changed to UK/USA etc. where prefered. We looking forward to seeing your responses soon :). The responses will be used on our website (once sufficient written consent has been gained) under the section #myballetstory. If you would like to remain annoymous however this is possible too). Please note responses will be constructed into speech bubbles and possibly may be distributed on our social media channels too. Social: https://www.instagram.com/ballet_iam/ We aim to instill confidence and growth within all. Further hoping to inspire many with our project and also spread teh word on accessibility (and how we hope to work on this factor in our own way). Whilst promoting positivity, our interest with 'ownership' and more. Responses now open: balletiaminteractive@gmail.com [please email us here] Thank You Have a nice day Ash + Denise (Ballet I AM)
  4. The ROH website is currently headed as follows: "WEBSITE ALERT: INTERMITTENT NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ISSUES AT OUR ISP MAY CAUSE DISRUPTION TO PURCHASES, PLEASE KEEP TRYING." It wasn't showing when I logged in on the trusty ipad (using the Chrome browser with my email account open in Safari) at 10 am to do a subscription booking for 2014/15 period 3. I proceeded problem-free until I hit the "pay now" button and was taken immediately to the next page to await payment confirmation - and waited with the internet connection symbol spinning for nearly an hour. Eventually I thought to look in my email account and found that an "order confirmed" email had arrived within seconds of my pressing the "pay now" button. Abandoning the still-loading payment page on the ROH website for my ROH account upcoming performances page, the relevant bookings were showing with their order confirmation number. So all was well but I thought that if it spares anyone the anxious hour I had this morning, it's worth posting here.
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