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  1. It only takes 10 mins. If you want directions let me know.
  2. Hi there we have let sb know we can’t make it this Sunday and just attending bw. Thought honesty was the best policy. Lol hopeully with just missing one class they won’t hold it against us. Cheers
  3. Thats fine I will tell my wife to look out for a man hanging around looking for mothers. lol If he cant find them Im usually hanging around outside with the dog. cheers
  4. I believe there are 4 girls in the situation. Can we all catch up at the Ballet Day on 26th November. My wife is in contact with another of the girls mothers and they are going to try and get all the mothers together to discuss.
  5. Brilliant my daughter is doing both as well (p7 Scottish Ballet) and Ballet West Glasgow.
  6. No we haven't received any dates. Hopefully we will hear something today our dayghter is selected for ballet west glasgow. How do you choose as if you've never been before you don't whats best for your child.
  7. Do you have the dates for Scottish Ballet junior Associates Sunday class. And is it Ballet West Glasgow or Edinburgh that your daughter has been accepted for? We havent had the dates for Scottish Ballet yet?
  8. I dont know much about it but we were told that its more a 2 years course P6 & P7 and there is not many P7 admitted. Her dance teacher said to apply for Ballet West as she thought she have more of a chance of getting accepted. (Glasgow) As it turned out she got acccepted for both which we are verty grateful. It will be nice to start meeting a few other parents and some new friends for her as we are not usually in that circle. lol Although im a dancing dad I do love it as I did bit of ballroom and latin when i was younger, a lot younger, so i love watching it and watching her.
  9. My daughter is going into P7 so she must have been lucky..
  10. Scottishballetmum Many thanks I was dreading that but thought it was possible. Will just have to wait and see once Scottish Ballet publish the dates,
  11. Great name ballettaxi She goes on Sunday as we don't live in glasgow. Ballet west had listed all the dates but scottish ballet say they will issue their sunday dates in the summer. I was wondering in past years if they avoided clashing. Many thanks On 9 Jun 2017, at 17:37, BalletcoForum <BalletcoForum@gmail.com> wrote: BalletcoForum Go to this post — BalletcoForum You are receiving this email because you are following the Topic 'Scottish ballet Associates - timings?'. Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Unfollow or Adjust your notification preferences.
  12. Hi olly007 like you we are very proud. I assume your daughter wants to attend both classes. I suppose we will just have to wait for the dates.
  13. Hi we are originally from glasgow so we choose glasgow over edinburgh. As you would. Lol
  14. My daughter has been accepted for scottish ballet associate and ballet west. They are to held on Sunday's. The dates are released for ballet west but not scottish ballet. Does anyone know if they try to avoid clashing as she would like to attend both. Many thanks
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