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  1. Interesting reading everyone's stories and comments about WL. I understand to some it may be stressful not knowing wether child will have a place the following year. All I will say is my DS was successful in his audition for year 7 this year and even if it only lasts a year it will make up for the last 6 years of him been bullied for loving ballet. He's where he needs to be if it's only for a short time then at least he will have spent some time with children who love the same as him. Congratulations to all those getting a yes too.
  2. We have a very happy DS in the house tonight. His dream will soon be a reality , so exciting. Well done all,good luck to all the girls. X
  3. Thank you. Wow they are going to be extremely busy, think I'll try now to check my email today as it seems doubtful. Good luck everyone ????????
  4. My DS is feeling very anxious and like most DC he wants it more having been to the Audition at White Lodge. Does anyone know if there's a particular order in the way results are distributed. Do the DC who auditioned last weekend hear something first and so on? I don't think the refresh key on my phone can take it much longer????
  5. Thank you Janet McNulty. Such a lovely forum. My DS joined JA in year 6 so it's all a bit new to us and was a little shocked to find he has been invited to finals at white lodge, he's very excited .. cannot really explain my feelings properly, a bit of a mixture I guess, albeit very proud. Well done and commiserations to all the other DC.
  6. This waiting is awful. Has anyone had news from Manchester? So sad for those children who have had the 'no' letter ????
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