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  1. Thank you! No...she knows that these things happen. We have a saying in our house “ What’s for you, won’t go by you..!” I am sure when audition time comes around next year she will defo want to apply again! Well done again and hope your daughter has a fab year at associates! X.
  2. Hi there. We have had a reply....it was a no for DA. Congratulations on your good news! X.
  3. Are you admin.....? All we are doing is asking people if they have heard word back from the auditions.
  4. Thank you for letting us know! 😉👍X.
  5. Can I please ask how you found this out...? Also, how are they sent....letter or e-mail...? X.
  6. No.....no news here for DA either...! X.
  7. Ah....many thanks for the heads up! Perhaps the original suggestion of two weeks at audition was perhaps unrealistic. Thank you! 😉👍
  8. Thank you for posting.....fingers crossed not much longer! 🤞
  9. I will post as soon as we have some news....let’s hope it’s not too much longer....I too have a very anxious little lady!
  10. My daughter auditioned for BW Dundee Associates and we were told we would know within 2 weeks but still no word as yet!
  11. Aw....BadBallerina what a shame, what a long wait you have had!!! Hopefully it will all be worth it and be good news......fingers still crossed! ????X.
  12. We received our senior letter today so hopefully yours should be soon. Good luck and fingers crossed for you BadBallerina......! X.
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