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  1. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Just had an email from the RAD. They are looking into the feasibility of running regular DR syllabus classes at RAD HQ in the future.
  2. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    I did two Discovering Repertoire workshops at RAD HQ the other weekend, the Level 2 and the Level 3. In both workshops we did some of the barre and centre, most of the developmental exercises for one of the variations and then learned the complete variation.We did the Coppelia at Level 2 and the Sleeping Beauty at Level 3. In both classes the barre and centre were definitely at the easy end for that level, but did include some nice exercises. Glad to see that they have finally dropped grand plie in 4th. The developmental exercises were kind of basic, but to the point - breaking down the variation into its various elements. The variations were quite tricky for the level they are set at, containing some vocabulary that hasn't been introduced in other exams at that level. If danced on pointe they would be equivalent to the next level up. However, you are allowed to adapt some steps to your capabilities, eg how fast you take chaines. I suppose the idea is that by working steadily through the class and the developmental exercises, you are fully prepared for a variation that is at the upper end of your capabilities. So you should be challenged, but well supported. I need to put off starting DR classes until after my Inter exam, as from now till June I will have exam coaching on that evening. So probably will start September.
  3. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Good luck, Ballet Gremlin. Dance your socks off!
  4. I Passed!!! Grade 6

    That's brilliant! You are such an inspiration!
  5. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Well, the teenagers in my Inter class took their exam last weekend, so the class is now officially Advanced Foundation. I think AF has some the loveliest music and exercises - although by the end of the pirouette enchainement I feel like I've downed a bottle of vodka. The port de bras is beautiful. There are lots of my favourite allegro steps, such as failli assemble. And I can't wait to learn the Variation 2, that sultry tango. Meanwhile, I'll be carrying on with Inter alone in a private lesson, starting next week and aiming to take the exam in Manchester in the summer exam session (late June-early July). I'll be concentrating mainly on my pointe work.My teacher has said some very complimentary things to me this evening. She told me that I have been an inspiration to the teens. Considering that I was originally quite nervous at the thought of dancing with 17 and 18 year olds - it's been a real boost to hear that they are often wowed by my dancing. I'm feeling a very proud old lady, flying the flag for Adult Students.
  6. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Yes, she understands that I really want to do it and she is sympathetic, so I don't think she'd object. I just feel a bit mean as I'd need to miss one of her classes. However, I think I may need to put it off anyway until after my Inter exam, so I wouldn't start till September, I think.
  7. Now That's What I Call A Correction Volume 1

    My teacher passed on some thoughts on pull-up from a (somewhat eccentric) teacher she had as a student. "Imagine you have weed yourself and you are trying to avoid contact with your wet knickers." I don't believe I have wet my knickers in many, many years, but I found that I had a very strong sensory memory of avoiding the clinginess of those soggy pants.And, yes, instant engagement of the pelvic floor/lower abdominals. She often uses the reminder "wet knickers" in class.
  8. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Just found this longer and more detailed RAD Discovering Repertoire video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1QZXHmq4hg I'm harrassing my teacher to introduce DR. She's interested but can't see where it would fit into her existing timetable and she has no time for adding further classes. I'm arguing that it would be an additional option at each level - we already tend to alternate higher grades and vocational grades, and the open advanced class isn't currently working towards any exams anyway so could take on Level 4. We will be having a discussion in our Intermediate class in the next week or two as all the teens are taking their exam next weekend and we will be deciding whether to do Grade 7 next or start on AF, so I'm going to suggest DR Level 3. Meanwhile, encouraged by my teacher, I'm attending the taster workshop at HQ. I've also found a class not impossibly far away where they have just started working on the Level 2 syllabus, although I would feel disloyal if I were to start going there.
  9. The RAD have extended the deadline for booking onto the spring series of Adult Associate classes at Elmhurst (starting February 4th) and the rep workshop on Ashton's Dream. It looks like they are under the required numbers and may cancel. So if you might be interested but haven't signed up, please do. I think the Dream should be really interesting, quite different from the big 19th century ballets that seem to be the most common focus for rep workshops.
  10. How did it all start?

    I have no memory of it, but according to family legend as a toddler when entering St George's Hall in Liverpool I spontaneously swept into dance. I started ballet at about 6 and kept going into my teens. My parents were absolutely clear that it was a good hobby but not to be considered as a potential career.(However, years later when my daughter went off to vocational school at 11 they were 100% supportive.) In the late 70s, then in my mid-20s, I moved to London to begin university as a mature student and mother of a new born baby (I always like to set myself a challenge) and I began to take a class at a local adult education institute (ILEA was great). It was RAD-based Elementary level. A few months later I added the Inter class. I made some great friends in those classes. Then I started looking around for more adult ballet and discovered Morley College (Anne Aylor and Wendy Vincent Smith, both inspiring teachers), then Chelsea and Westminster Institute and Chelsea Ballet (still part of ILEA in those days)...until eventually, around the time I finished my degree, I was taking ballet class everyday and twice on some days, as well as Baroque dance. I carried on with regular ballet classes, even when I returned to the sticks, until around 1990 when I decided it was too hard on my feet and I switched to Kathak (an Indian classical dance style - see Akram Khan). I moved overseas a few years later and sadly let dance lapse. Returned on retirement 18 months ago and I'm back at ballet with a lot of catching up to do. Inspired by the even more mature dancers out there, I'm not planning on stopping again.
  11. Classes in Derby

    Thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll pass the info on to my classmate. I need her to keep on top of things because if she decides not to do the exam then I'll be doing it all alone. Disaster!
  12. Classes in Derby

    The other adult student in my RAD Inter class has to go to Derby on a work training course and will be missing 5 weeks of our ballet classes (when we are already fast heading towards exam time). Can any of you lovely helpful and knowledgeable people here suggest suitable classes that she could take in Derby during the time she's away from home? Ideally RAD Inter, but also any suitable adult ballet classes. x
  13. what does what you wear say about you as a Dancer ?

    My red shoes are special to me. I wanted a pair ever since I was little and my first ballet teacher wore red shoes, That was in 1959 - she wore black ski pants to teach and was cool and chic in an Audrey Hepburnish way. As a child I was fascinated by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale (scary and gruesome as it is) and of course I love the film. I can't wear them often as my classes are either syllabus (so soft blocks) or on dance floors where leather shoes are too sticky. However I do have red pointe shoe covers that I can put on to preserve my pointe and soft block shoes.
  14. RAD Discovering Repertoire

    Pointe work is optional in variations and exercises even at Level 4. I think it should be a great opportunity to keep developing right up to Advanced level without having to worry about pointe which is the main sticking point (ha ha) for me at least, and I think for many others.
  15. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    That's a fabulous result. Well done!