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  1. Totally agree Kat09. We are 5 years in with 3 more to go 😖 and 2 dc at vocational school. My heart goes out to all on the ballet rollercoaster ❤ī¸
  2. She is reserve for ENBS, had finals for RBS, declined Central and is staying at Elmhurst. Her brother is at Elmhurst. He was just taller than her at 16 and got a no. Went back a year later, 17 and taller, and got a yes. Since he has been there he has grown 3 more inches 😊 My children are just late growers unfortunately. Dd will grow next year 😁
  3. I had heard about there being a minimum height. Dd is 5ft 2 and on the reserve list 🤔 She did feel that she was the shortest at finals !
  4. 4 of the current year 11 girls were in each group. Dd said there were a few no shows ! Now the wait ???? The very best of luck to all ????????
  5. Just Ballet ????
  6. It's a yes for Dd ???? So excited ! By post Flora. Good luck to those waiting x
  7. Very excited that Dd has been offered a place at Covent Garden SS following her no result from finals. Unfortunately she will be unable to attend as it clashes with the Cechetti International Ballet Competition in Florence. Good luck to those on the waiting list ????????
  8. 3 Elmhurst girls going to Florence, Billy Elliot. Excited that my Dd is one of them and I'm her chaperone ???? Sorry about your Ds ☚ī¸
  9. Dd thinks only 5/6 out of the 30 made it through to physio, one British girl, the rest International students. Good luck to all x
  10. There are 7 dancers in the junior section, all from Elmhurst ????
  11. EU students qualify for DaDas ????
  12. I am told that the DaDa guidelines stipulate that to qualify for funding the dancers have to attend an audition altogether. If some have been offered places prior to the final auditions then they must be self funding.
  13. 6:3 girls teacher x
  14. My husband and l drove for 4 hours to watch our Dd perform a class and a solo in a ballet competition. After the performance Dd asked her dad if her leg was too parallel and not turned out enough at the finish ? His reply was " I don't know, l had my eyes shut for the whole thing ! " ???? The last time he watched her dance she had made a real hash of it, so this time he said he just couldn't watch ???? Don't beat yourself up ! Us parents make so many sacrifices for our children. Just make the most of it, blink and its gone ????
  15. ENBS told us that results were 1 to 2 weeks then they emailed everyone 2 days later. So hopefully you won't have to wait too long ????