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Ballet Based Pilates and RAD Advanced 1 classes Sundays


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Hi there, 


Thank you so much for the messages into the NEW RAD Advanced 1 classes, the day of the class has now changed to a Sunday 7 - 8.30 as requested by some people. Classes are £12 and for the next 6 weeks we are still offering the pay as you go option.


Before the above class, we are now offering the Ballet Based Pilates programme on a Sunday 6 - 7pm.  The programme consists of a series of strengthening exercises to ensure the body into using the correct muscles to produce the shapes and lines. All exercises are performed to classical music and follows a strict routine of which position to be in and how long you are holding it for. The class starts on the floor, working up to standing and finally strength and flexibilty exercises are done at the barre finalize the class.


All the equipment is provided; wobble boards, therabands and mats


Both of these classes will be held at the Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, SW8 2JU. 


precisionschool@aol.com / 07731029845

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