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Moscow ballet Cinderella few years ago

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This was several years agobut I went to watch this ballet and lets not beat about the bush looks help too me being a man!


Anway Cinderella was performed by a dancer called Natalia Podalko(does anyone know of her in any other performances ballets) and I liked her alot. One of my memorable performances. A one point she performed slower 16 pirouettes with no applause of any kind form the audience and I was most disappointed.


It was not until after I found out one reason why I might have like her. She was trained at the Vaganova ballet school and I recognised the Kirov style. Incidentally when I First saw the Kirov that was in Edinburgh and when I saw them at the Royal Opera House. It was expensive but was pure heaven. If there is a heaven for ballet dancers I want to go there when I die. Do we here refer to the Kirov or the Russian chane back to the Mariinsky. The Kirov are back in London this summer and top prices are expensive.

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