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Ballet Summer Intenive School 2014


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Come and visit us to POLISH to the International Ballet Workshop 2014. Classes are in a professional theater on the Sea! 21.07 - 03.08.2014. Registration on our website: 
Number of places limited. The high level of training and a small groups of participants - max 15 person!!



- Dates:

       21.07 to 03.08.2014 - price for two weeks of the course - 700 euro 

                         (Participants arrive the day before - 20/07/2014)

Meals and boarding provided ( accomodation in hotel ) - 2 weeks  - 450 euro  

                  02/08/2014 - End the evening gala dinner for all participants

                      Departure of participants 03/08/2014 - by 10 am


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