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What is it for?

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BalletcoForum was started in December 2011 as a place for dance and ballet enthusiasts to come together and talk about their mutual interests. It's a place for discussion and exchange of information, descriptions and reviews of performances seen, announcements of interesting things to come.

A very active part of the site is used by 'ballet mums' to share concerns and tips about their dancing daughters and sons.

There is also a forum for ticket exchange and a unique resource in the form of a daily listing of links to dance news and reviews from around the world.

The forum is funded by its users. (The costs incurred are for licensing the software and the use of an internet server.) Our first funding drive in August and September 2012 generated enough to keep things going for at least a couple of years. A second appeal in June/July 2015 was equally successful. Many thanks to all who contributed.

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