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Wanted: RB Swan Lake 18 Apr (O'Sullivan / Sambé) SCS or Central Balcony Standing D

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15 hours ago, miki.s said:

 If anyone has a ticket no longer can be used for 18 Apr RB SL, grateful if you could let me know.  Thanks!

Just to let you know, @miki.s, the casting has changed to Mayara Magri in the role of Odette/Odile (confirmed on the ROH website and by Ms O'Sullivan as well as Ms Magri). Ms O'Sullivan said she has an injury that needs more time to heal. 

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Hi Emeralds,

Yes, I am aware of the lead cast change but thanks for your info.  I probably should have only put the performance date so not to cause confusion.


I am still looking for this ticket so if anyone wanting to part with it now that Anna-Rose is no longer dancing, please let me know.  Thanks!



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