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Auditions in the Midlands


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Hi can any ballet mums recommend any upcoming auditions for productions over the next year? My daughter is 9 and has done EYB but sadly they are not doing any productions near to us this/next year. We are commutable to Shropshire,Stafford,Chester, Wrexham, Manchester and perhaps Birmingham etc. Midland Theatre Ballet is an option next year but it requires a fair bit if commitment being every Sunday over three terms. I just wondered if I had missed something 🧐 thank you in advance! 

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Hi SplitSoul, sadly nothing near enough to us - Oxford the nearest (3 hours). My other thoughts were possibly to look at a more theatrical dance school and then she might get involved in more regional dance/ballet comps but I’m not sure she would be really up for entering solo comps tbh and has been doing more classical ballet up to now and really enjoys that, together with productions. Perhaps associate schemes are more the way forward (which I guess does mean committing at the weekends. Elmhurst young dancers, RBS associates or MTB seem like the main ones for now…also the pop up workshops seem to be popular…

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I run a fantastic new associates programme in Birmingham that’s only once a month for school years 5 and above. PBT Associates UK.


It focusses on the work of PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique), which is an amazing programme designed in Australia with proven results in greatly improving ballet technique. It runs with full support from Marie Walton-Mahon, founder and creator of PBT. A lot of my regular my students are at vocational schools and all get praised for their maintained and improved strength from holiday training with me. Last year I had 7 students successfully audition and go off to the leading ballet schools in the UK.


The programme consists of a PBT lesson which is directly followed by a ballet lesson to put the improved technique learnt and strength into practice. 


There are some open classes running presently, October and November with auditions for the programme in December for a January start. No PBT experience is required to attend the open classes.


Please have a look at the following application pack which has a link to the registration form for open classes and application form for audition in it for further details:



You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram search for PBT Associates UK


Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.



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