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Brand new Gaynor Minden for sale Classic Fit 7.5 (CL-7.5N3FDH)


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I have been badly fitted and therefore I have a brand new pair of Gaynor Minden for sale. It's a BLUE bag and the code is: Classic Fit 7.5 (CL-7.5N3FDH)

Ribbons not included (didn't sew them in) as I actually like the GM ribbons and used them on the Freed I replaced them with.


The blue bag is pretty flexible and I got it because I'm an adult beginner en pointe and was recommended it to build strength, but the reality is that they didn't support me and I went back to the classic Freed which I used as a teenager. 


I would like £80 for them.


Happy to send pics/emails as I know this is my first post and people may not trust me! 

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