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Adult advanced classes in Edinburgh


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Hi all!


I've just moved to Edinburgh and am looking for *adult* advanced ballet classes. I'm finding it very difficult to find anywhere much via search-engines (google etc) and haven't found anywhere at all with classes several times a week. So I'm posting in the hope that people will be kind enough to help with some ideas.


Until moving I was in Bonn (in Germany) where I was able to take classes more or less every day (with Silvia Baicu at 'Classic Moving') and something similar would be good. Alternatively, somewhere like Pineapple in London with a range of classes would also be fine (& maybe even better).


I hope someone out there can help with suggestions.



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Dance Base has advanced ballet classes although think they are during the day. Failing that there is an advanced class at Scottish Ballet on a Tuesday evening at Tramway in Glasgow. Maybe a Thursday as well. Look up their site under education.


Hi veryskint, thank you very much for the suggestions.


Classes during the day are fine as my time is relatively flexible.


I had looked at Dance Base, but after your suggestion & looking more closely it seems like their "Iconic Ballet" (Thursday evening) and maybe "Classical Ballet Intermediate" (Friday evening) could be good (for me). (Their other classes don't seem so relevant for me - though I'm sure they are good.) So thank you - and I'll drop by there this week to see what else there is.


If anyone has any other suggestions in Edinburgh I'ld be tremendously grateful to hear them.


The Scottish Ballet/Tramway class looks ideal - but sadly a little pricey factoring in a round trip to Glasgow.


Thanks again,


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