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Low rise ballet tights


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Don't know if these exist but...I'm on the hunt for some low rise ballet tights (pink) and preferably, convertible. I've searched online but without success.


DDs just got a lovely new leotard with an open back but, according to her, the waistband of her tights is showing (at the back) and spoiling the look.


Any ideas?


Thanks 🙂

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4 hours ago, dancemom2 said:

I don't know if they are available in the U.K., but Capezio has a low-rise transition tight. My daughter has several pair of model 1872, Ultra Soft, Low-rise. 


Those are exactly what I'm looking for dancemom2 🙂. Did you order them from the US?


Thanks for that. 

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lspendl828, sorry for the late response; I've not been on the site for several days.  We are in the U.S., so yes, we purchased them here.  But I've seen them on amazon.co.uk via its "global store" so it looks like you can order them there.  But I'd just google the model number to see if you can find them elsewhere.  My DD has to wear uniform tights M-F, but wears these on Saturdays when she has free dress because the waist is so comfortable.

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