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RBS Spring Intensive Programmes 2017


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Hi there.  I am new to this forum as well as the world of ballet at vocational level.  My daughter is 12 and although she has an audition date for RBS MA's in Jan (which I believe the majority of applicants get anyway) both applications for the Spring Intensive programmes at WL and HK were sadly declined.  Although the email still encourages us to reapply for future courses, I was just wondering if any other applicants have experienced the same rejection email/letters and how many times they were declined before their application was finally accepted?  I realise that the demand is high and the number of places are limited.  But as RBS do not offer individual feedback, I did not want to continue paying a deposit for each application if they think my child does not fit the RBS's "ideal" profile. I am thinking that the audition she has in January will be a good indicator.  In the meantime, we will keep our options open and start looking at other schools.  I would be interested in hearing anyone elses experience.  

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