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  1. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the advice. I spoke to her teacher and she believes she is ready for G2 and G3 together, she said that my DD might not be ready to take the exam with the other girls as the have been doing it a few months but if she can catch up then she can do that too. She completely agrees that half an hour is not enough but with current Covid restrictions she needs time to clean items between classes so it’s the best she can do which is completely understandable. So she will be doing two classes a week in ballet plus the other styles she does. Thanks everyone x
  2. Hi Glowlight, I think it’s best to keep her at the one studio if I can. I will talk to her teacher and see what she suggests, also don’t want to make her mad 😂 she loves my daughter though so she should want the best training for her so I’m sure I’m just being a scaredy-cat about asking.
  3. She is one of three students who do all classes available. Children in her tap and modern class are not in her ballet class but are in a separate one. I’m not sure how the bubbles are working within our school ( she is still trying to find a hall as her current one won’t allow her back yet ). The competitions sound great, the other studio do win a lot of the things they go too but I don’t want her just being a competition kid and for fitting her formal training to win medals.
  4. Thank you I will look into extra courses outside of her school, maybe her teacher even has one she recommends x
  5. Thank you for your advice. We are Oxford or Swindon area, I could get her to either. She is now starting G2, she was 9 last week. I think I might ask her teacher if she can join additional grade classes just to help her improve not jump grades.
  6. S Her teacher does split her classes into two, one on a Friday which is half an hour and then one Saturday morning which is 45 minutes, my daughter does the one on a Friday, maybe I will see if she can attend both, that will keep her at one studio but increase her time to 1 hour 15. There is no PBT. This other studio does not do grades, she is all about experience but she also think my daughter is good enough to join their competition team, she will be the second youngest, but I know her current teacher will be annoyed at her doing competitions with another studio, which I understand.
  7. Hi Millicent, thanks for your reply. She has been dancing since she was 6. She went into pre-primary first and has carried on from there. Her teacher said that G1 is the hardest to get through so it takes a while ( it took over a year ) as they are really looking for technique which I can understand. Other teachers in the studio always comment on how talented she is and her natural abilities as a dancer. Her teacher believes they should be in 45 minute lessons but can’t book the hall for the extra to change my daughters classes to 45 minutes so she will stick to only half an hour ( other
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first post so sorry if I don’t know all the terms. My 9 year old daughter attends a dance school on the weekends, she does all the classes available and is working towards her grades. She has just done grade 1 IDTA ballet which she got a distinction. Her ballet class is only half an hour a week and we both (my daughter and I) feel like this is not enough for her. She would like to take extra ballet and I have found her a teacher who does hour classes once a week. Is it ok for her to attend two studios? I have a great relationship with her teacher, we are the ones
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