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  1. I would expect they would still expect you to formally decline the place given that we’ve all paid a registration fee. That’s why I would have thought everyone would have received a welcome letter at the same time.
  2. Hmmm - wonder why we’ve not received anything? Have sent another email - they are going to put me on the ‘you’re being annoying’ naughty step soon. In fact, I think I’m already on it!
  3. Has anyone else had welcome letters? I am failing to get a response or a line of communication going. We are currently looking at options to fund this opportunity, which you will appreciate is a huge commitment. At the moment we feel so far down their list. It’s incredibly discouraging.
  4. I'm really struggling to get a response from emails to The Hammond. Is anyone else?
  5. Can't quite work out their system! Hoping you receive good news.
  6. So sorry - was really hoping for better news for you. Especially as you have waited so long. This is not the end - keep on keeping on. Good luck with the journey. x
  7. Yep - email landed with us this evening! No news yet is worth keeping fingers crossed for! Let us know when you get news. Keeping everything crossed for you.
  8. No fee remission for year 9 start for us. Thank you everyone for your support on this forum. May try again next year, may not. We’ll take our lead from Spinning Boy. He’ll find his way. Best of luck to everyone else. Take care x
  9. Still haven’t submitted our form. I am sure I posted my son’s passport and birth certificate photocopies at the first stage - but can not remember!!!! Does anyone else feel they’ve already done that?
  10. Does anyone know if anyone received an MDS in years 8, 9 and 10???? Or did they all go to year 7?
  11. Did you complete the forms after you learnt where you were on the reserve list? It would seem ideal to do it that way although the letter suggests completing the forms first? Have I read that wrong? I still haven't had an email yet. I'm now questioning if we've dropped off the list altogether!!
  12. Could be going out in year group order... will let you know when I hear anything.
  13. That’s what I considered too. I think they probably have existing pupils who will need additional financial support at this time and they (retention of existing children) will understandably be priority over new intake. Not received our email yet.
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