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  1. Thank you so much, @Derin's Mom! That is such valuable information. Simple and sleeveless would always be my daughter's preference, but I wouldn't have thought of adding the tunic! Knowing this far in advance is fantastic -- we will have plenty of time for her sponsor to special order it. Thank you again! (This forum is incredible. Thank you all for having built this community and resource!)
  2. Thank you so much! She receives her leotards from a sponsor (so lucky!) and they would like to know what to send in the package—they will probably need a bit of time to organize things. The pale pink is really pretty so I’m sure they’ll get lots of wear beyond this intensive!
  3. Hello, everyone! I am a longtime lurker, delurked at last. (I hope this first post winds up in the right place!) DD12 is attending POBS summer school for the first time this year. She has been placed into Intermédiate, and I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is one of the all-pink leotard levels, or if it’s all-black? (It’s hard to tell for sure, but it seems like it will be one or the other?) Thank you!
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