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  1. Hello to everyone. This is my first post, so here goes. I've recently moved to Leeds, where of course Northern Ballet are situated. Indeed one of the reasons for moving to Leeds was because of this. I really enjoy watching ballet, although admittedly I do watch them on DVD, because I'm not getting any younger and I do find now that it's a struggle to sit through the whole performance. So the reason for writing this is to ask if anyone could help me to try and study ballet? As I said I do love to watch ballet and yet I don't know the first thing about it! The movements, the mime etc. I do have the book Ballet for Dummies, but it means very little because I suppose I'm looking for something a little deeper. If anyone could help I'm willing to pay for an hour a week of study say in a coffee shop in Leeds. This is a genuine request by someone who really would like to learn. All the best
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