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  1. Just had bath year 6 result and it's a no as expected
  2. Huge congratulations to all the yes people, you should be shouting it from the rooftops for sure and big hugs to the not yets. I believe everything happens for a reason and another door will open that could not have opened had it been a yes. Still waiting for our no from Bath - fingers crossed it's today - eeek!
  3. Ahhh that makes sense, thank you. My DD was towards the very end of her group as she's younger and the next group afterwards I know had older ones for year 5 places so I wonder if there was only one group for year 6 places maybe....who knows eh! Good luck everyone
  4. Anyone on here who did day 2 at bath? Just wondering if they did all age groups over both days?
  5. Thought we had Eastleigh results then for a while lol
  6. Looks like we are having a 'no result' day today then ....
  7. Eeek.....I don't remember even putting any 2nd or 3rd choices down
  8. I’ve asked this question before and I think it’s just one of many factors they look for. That alone isn’t enough (of course) but I think it’s a tick of a box. But I’m still learning about all this as DD is very new to all this. I’m sure someone else can give you a better answer. Congratulations to all the people with a yes and keep working hard to the ‘not yet’. They’re all amazing to even put themselves through this.
  9. Anyone applying for year 6 place in Bath on here?
  10. That makes perfect sense - thank you. I thought it was always a weakness if I’m honest until reading into hip flexibility and rotation for turnout. No idea re jumps. To be honest I’m clueless about lots of dance things. She’s not hypermobile everywhere (not knees) and isn’t one of these acro super bendy girls but her hip rotation and back are particularly bendy. What will be will be. She’s average in terms of body size/limb length. Maybe towards edge of longer legs than some of her peers but certainly not willowy. Just nice to understand and know more Thank you 😊
  11. Just curious but does anyone know if a hypermobile child who was able to do all exercises they tested still not get in? She had very good back flexibility, could do frog both ways, box splits and the strange leg/hip test perfectly.
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