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  1. Basically another Saturday activity came up which would be awesome... IF we didn’t have the SWL pending. She’d rather do the Associates a million times over. But this way she has nothing.
  2. Is there anyone here who this year, or years past called the RBS and got any feedback on the audition or waiting list place? Because of personal reasons we need to know our chances of getting in from the SWL and I need help with the approach.
  3. Has ANYONE gotten in from the SWL to any centre so far?
  4. None for us yet. On the SWL for a yr 5 place in London, 32 or 26 sessions, girl.
  5. I promise I’ll let you know! ❤️ (Auditioned in Eastleigh for yr 5, waitlisted for London classes)
  6. Yeah that was me. DD, auditioned in Eastleigh for London, for Yr 5, got a SWL.
  7. Yes. My DD. How about you? (I’m sorry if you wrote about this before.)
  8. Hi Jete, the letter we got specifically states that we’d only be kept on the SWL until OCTOBER. Quote: ”We are often able to successfully place one or two wait-listed candidates up to and within the first few classes of September, however, if you have not been contacted by 01 October then it will mean we are unable to offer a place this year.”
  9. Apologies if this has been asked before. I know nothing about the SWL. Has anyone ever had luck finding out their DC’s position on the waiting list (chances)? How really short is that list? I’ve heard anecdotes of people getting places off the list, but no one I personally know. I’ve already responded “yes please” to the list, but have no idea of the chances. I’m heartbroken for DD who who thinks “she’s kind of in and it’s just a matter of time now”. I can’t tell her that she’s wrong or that she’s right... and she’s too small to understand.
  10. I am so happy for you! Congrats from my heart! ❤️
  11. Crazy Dance Mum, my #89 mate, have you heard anything?
  12. Yes. Short waiting list. I’m upset, still. Probably because I’m a bad person and I hate waiting. 😭 Unrelatedly, my older daughter has been on a waiting list for her selected, favourite secondary school for 4 months - and my husband has been looking for a job since the same time. I’m detecting a theme to my 2019. I appreciate all your kindness and congrats. I’ll try to pick up my chin.
  13. Eastleigh result is in for classes in London, yr 5. Short waiting list. So we get to wait more! 😂
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