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  1. luckymum

    Hammond final

    Lema I don't think you've taken anything badly - it's a very distressing situation as a parent. I've barely posted about auditioning in the past and didn't this year at all as too painful...
  2. luckymum

    Hammond final

    My dc has secured a Y10 place with MDS this year at one of the Lower Schools. To offer hope my dc does not dance every day - would love to but can't. I'm not an expert but in our experience: gym not relevant (?even a negative due to posture issues) but limbering classes useful. Quality very important. Work hard to get as much ballet as you can but maybe think outside box. My dc did ballet classes below their level in addition to usual classes to help stamina. The child has to be extremely motivated and willing to make sacrifices. As you know the school work and travelling time issues are big ones.
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments - they are much appreciated.
  4. I wanted to share some good news for those who have been disappointed at auditions this year - to give hope for next time. I am posting not under my usual name to protect my dc identity. My dc has received an MDS on the 3rd year of auditions, never having even reached a final before. We have had some pretty grim times with 'nos', injuries and other stuff. They have worked very hard, kept on developing and kept up hope - even when we didn't have any tbh. I feel so sad for those who have not had the right answer this time - my heart goes out to you because I've been there and I know it's awful. But if your dc wants to, keep going, because your luck can change. The support and advice that has been available to me on this forum has been unbelievably useful, comforting and reassuring. So thank you. I would have lost the plot a long time ago without it. Good luck for next time.
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