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  1. As expected its a not yet for my DD kind of happy as it would have been a nightmare logistically. Hopefully DD will want to try again next year.
  2. Newcastle and Birmingham 2 days came out this year on the same day so we can only hope that Bath will also come out today. However I thought Leeds would come out yesterday.
  3. Congratulations to all have received a Yes today and hugs to the not yet's. Hopefully Bath Results will be out this afternoon, good luck to everyone waiting for Bath results!
  4. Congratulations to your DD it's lovely to hear that if you do receive a no one year you could receive a yes on a subsequent try. I bet you and your daughter are over the the moon with your news.
  5. Also waiting for Year 5 result fingers crossed for tomorrow good luck to you DC x
  6. Also waiting for Totnes hopefully we will hear tomorrow or Thursday. Good luck to your DC x
  7. We didn't go to the insight day my DD was dancing at a local dance festival.
  8. Feeling is mutual ExpatB I also have this secret obsession however you are lucky your wait may be over today I think I will have to wait until next week now for a Totnes result. Would love to receive a yes but realistically expecting a no.
  9. Good luck to everyone who receives their results today.
  10. Thank you hope you receive good news aswell. I doubt we will hear until next week now!
  11. Good Luck to everyone still waiting for results. We are waiting to hear about a year 5 place at Totnes. My DD audition was only a couple of weeks ago so we haven't had to wait long. Well done to all the children who have received a yes so far and commiserations to everyone who has recived a no. Hopefully we will find out our results this week.
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