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  1. 2 x stall seat at the London Coliseum on Saturday 25th August for the 730 pm performance. Cost £200 for the 2 tickets. Will sell For £100... please contact me if interested. Seats are are sitting together near front of stage H15 and H16
  2. Morning all i have for sale 2 x stall seats for the Swan Lake performance by the renowned St Petersburg Ballet for the 19-30 showing Saturday 25th August at The London Coliseum. The tickets cost me £237.50 from Love theatre. I am unable to go as will be on vacation. Seats are are sitting next to each other. H15 & H16. This area is currently sold out. The tickets are electronic and will be emailed immediately to the buyer. I am am looking to sell at £200 for both. many thanks. Jay
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