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Ballet in the News/History on Youtube

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Now that Youtube is official and the clips are (mostly) legally licensed, I have noticed that all sorts of old stuff is being uploaded.  Thames News, for example, has posted some pretty old stuff including this:



It's a news item about a royal gala at Covent Garden in 1986 (I think) which was a performance of Ashton's last production of Cinderella.  Nice rehearsal footage and an interview with Anthony Dowell.

The clip was uploaded earlier this year and the quality is very good for a change.


(Sorry about the link but I've forgotten how to do it neatly - could some nice moderator direct me to the instructions?)





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Well most of the stuff I've seen lately has been uploaded by the copyright owners.  There used to be a lot of stuff of doubtful provenance but the clips have been removed and replaced by a notice saying why they were taken down.  For instance, the clip mentioned above comes from Thames so I assume it's quite legal to link to it.

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