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Interview with Young Choreographer Charlotte Edmonds


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HI everyone.  I thought I would share ToThePointe magazine's new interview with Charlotte Edmonds, who will join the RB as their first Junior Choreographer in September.  The interview is accompanied by a short film of Charlotte rehearsing a first-year Rambert student in one of her pieces.  For all you young dancers who may like to try choreography, this will interest you!  Enjoy.  ToThePointe's piece is introduced as follows:



A couple of months ago I had the amazing opportunity to interview Charlotte Edmonds, who will be joining the Royal Ballet for their new Young Choreographer Programme during the 2015/16 season, for my blog ToThePointe. She sat down with me to discuss her training and goals for the future, and addressed those tiresome questions about gender roles in dance. Below is the interview which is also accompanied by a short film where we see Charlotte coaching the young bright star Sharol Mackenzie for Rambert's Student Choreographics show. I hope you all enjoy watching and reading about this talented young choreographer who I am certain we will be seeing lots more of in the near future!



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