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MDS funding question


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Hi, it is your gross income ! Pre tax etc ! No concideration of any outgoings but a deduction in the total of approx £1900 per other dependent child ! There is a grid on the Gov. uk website that gives you an estimated contribution ! The calculations for contribution are down to the penny ! We were not far off in year 7 with our estimate ! It is the travel etc that catches you out !! ????

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If you have DC1 on MDS then DC2 is awarded an MDS you pay half the contribution of DC1 for DC2. In summary:


DC1 100% of assessed contribution

DC2 50% of assessed contribution of DC1

You fill out an MDS form for each child and put down the other sibling so they take off the £1900 for a dependent child on each form. In our situation the total contribution for both was then added together and split 50/50 between each child, but not sure if all schools do this.


We are nearly at the end of having two DC's at lower school. We made the decision that we would let both have this opportunity, but really consider very carefully as the extra contributions you will pay plus all the hidden extras for the second child is a massive burden. The contribution for the first child is a massive stretch anyway for most families, no matter how great or how low your household income is the contribution you have to make takes up a huge portion of your 'disposable' income once basic bills of mortgage/rent, utility bills and council tax are paid. Would we do it again, yes, but there have been sleepless night with worry.

Good luck with auditions!

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