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My name is Maylys, I am passionate about dance. I do ballet and many social danses too :) 

But in parallel I am studying psychology in PhD, and of course my research is about Dance! 

I post my survey here hoping that you will help me improve research knowledge about our community in the scientific sphere. 


To participate, you just have to follow this link : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8FH525R

It is a survey about how you feel when you dance. Your responses are confidential and anonymous (but the survey is a bit long I admit, because we study a lot of interesting stuffs !).

It would be really nice of you to help me, and to participate. It will help us improve the understanding of dance and its benefits…


See you soon, do not hesitate to ask me any questions :)

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Hello, Maylys (or should that be "Bonsoir"? ;) ), and welcome to the forum.  I've moved your post into Doing Dance, which is where most of our "practising" dancers are.  I hope you get plenty of responses to your survey.  I may even fill it in myself, although that might skew the results a bit :)

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