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Feeling blessed today. For many reasons.

Lisa O`Brien

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Do you ever have times where something happens that is just lovely and makes things really special? My sister and her husband,who live in Manchester,sent me £100 today. She knows I don`t earn a fortune so just wanted to treat me and Sean. I bought a week`s worth of groceries, some new socks and a T shirt for Sean and 2 new bras [cheap from Primark !] and some of that BB creme I have been hearing about , for myself.  And I still have £40 of it left. Me and my sister were not on speaking terms for about 8 years when my son was younger. Wee Sean was involved in a bad car crash when he was 7. His dad was taking him on holiday to his relatives in County Mayo when he lost control of the car, and instead of braking,he accelerated. [it was an automatic car,if this makes sense. I don`t drive so haven`t got a clue]. Straight into a wall at over 50 MPH. Both father and son were lucky to come out of it alive. Big Sean [his dad] broke his nose, by slamming his face on the steering wheel. Wee Sean in the back, broke his collarbone. It was the seat belt he was wearing  that broke his collarbone.The impact of the car smashing into the wall so quickly snapped his collarbone in two. I saw the X Ray. It was utterly gross. I was also taken to the crash site where the car was . The front bonnet was completely smashed in. Thank God, it was a big old Jag that could take the impact. Anyway my sister blamed me for the accident,for allowing wee Sean to get in the car with his father. Even though I know for a fact he was stone cold sober at the time.[ But she never liked Sean`s dad.!]  I didn`t know his dad was going to crash the car.!! Anyway she was so angry with me that we didn`t speak for nearly 8 years. So blessed indeed I am. That my son is alive and well. That I am on very good speaking terms with my sister once more,and that she gave me and her nephew £100; just for the sake of it.!!  Just thought i`d share with all the lovely peeps on this lovely Forum; hope you don`t mind.!

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