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Ballo/Sylphide General Rehearsal 19 May

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Well, it was Nuñez/Kish and Cojocaru/McRae. Valentino Zuchetti danced Gurn, Emma Maguire was Effie, Kristen McNally Madge and Claire Calvert the leading sylph. Benjamin Ella made his return to the stage in a walk-on part playing the bagpipes!


I was told that Lauren Cuthbertson will not now be second cast in Ballo, she has a foot problem. Her place will be taken by Laura Morera.

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Ballo della Regina superbly danced by the whole cast. I love that Ballet (if only ROH would bother naming all the dancers on the cast sheet!).


Kristin McNally as Madge was simply amazing. Claire Calvert (First Sylph) together with Yasmine Naghdi and Beatrix Stix Brunell (Two Sylphs) gave us some lovely dancing.I am really looking forward to watching the other casts: Cojocaru/McRae with Melissa Hamilton (1st Sylph) on Monday and Rojo/Dawid with Yasmine Naghdi (1st Sylph) on Tuesday.

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