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"Historic" modern dance DVDs

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This is part of an email I've received from Dance Books, which I thought might be of interest:


"We've also had a delivery of modern dance DVDs produced by Dance Horizons. Most of the recordings are old, sometimes as many as 40 or 50 years, so by today's standards the picture quality is poor. But if you can cope with this there are some fascinating things included, both performance, technique, and interviews, with such great luminaries of the 20th century dance world as Doris Humphrey, Murray Louis, Mary Wigman, Isadora Duncan, Hanya Holm, Charles Weidman, Anna Sokolow, Erick Hawkins.

You'll find details of these and other modern dance DVDs at http://www.dancebooks.co.uk/dvds-videos-dvds-modern-dance-c-1_2.html"


Sounds fascinating.

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