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Can someone help me?

I have emailed two users in private messages and not had a reply.  I have looked at my sent mail and it has block in Red ?? When I unblock it goes green, but still says this is blocked?

Does anyone have any idea about this as I am desperate to get some information from these two members?


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Hi Krishell.  Unfortunately, some people haven't set their profile so that they are notified of PMs, and the "pop-up" on this site doesn't always work too well, depending on your browser.  I fear there's not a lot you can do: the standard is to have all PMs copied to your registered email, but as I say not everyone does that, or perhaps they don't check their emails if they do!  "BLOCK" is just an option if you want to block a user - by clicking on the red button I think you will actually have blocked them from contacting you, so you'll need to unblock them!

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Hi Krishell

I received a PM from you which I replied to. I did not hear back from you (which is fine as you may not have needed further info) but I did have a problem with PM notifications on this site a while ago. It seems OK now but I don't know if I missed any messages in the meantime!

Just letting you know in case I was one on the ones you didn't get a reply from.

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