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When vocational students start pointe - spinoff from another topic


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This comment appeared on another topic and I thought it was worthy of separate discussion:



Posted Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Well I think there is a clear message from the top ballet schools in England and France that they expect girls to be on pointe from the beginning of year 7 if they are progressing in line with expectations. RBS always say they expect auditionees to be at the same level as the girls within the school and Afab confirmed that there is a similar view from POBS.


I just wondered if this is correct? It was my understanding that pointe starts some way through year 7 at vocational schools and that it is very basic for quite a long time. I also think that it is relatively easy to catch up with pointe at this level if one starts later - as long as the potential is still there.


What is the experience of those with children at the uk vocational schools as to when they actually went on pointe?

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Well in my DS year at WL they definately didn't start straight away. It was one of the few bits of news he thought interesting enough to tell me! I remembr him saying, with some awe, that some of the girls toes bled!!


However I couldn't tell you exactly when they started. But I can say that all the training starts right back at the beginning- as if they've never done a ballet class in theiir lives. Needless to say they progress very quickly, afterall they have been selected with all the right aptitudes to do this.

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Can only speak with experience of Elmhurst - the year 7 students do start pointe work early in the first term, some arrive with shoes other purchase shoes from the visiting shop under the guidance of the teachers. The teacher does 'approve' all shows however for suitabiity/fit etc. They do like them to be darned though - no stuck on patches. This is to encourage the students to learn to sew their own shoes and it does provide more grip fo them. Delighted to say my 13 year old now refuses for me to have anything to do with her ribbons and elastics :-) - this part of independance I do like!


Some students have no experience others have a lot. They all start with very basic exercises no different that reguar classes. As the year progresses they just work on strengthening and improving these basic skills. The appraisal in the Spring term only consists of a couple of barre exercises and perhaps one or two basic centre exercises, probably similar to the work in Inter-foundation RAD.


The uniform list will ask for two pairs of pointe shoes - to be honest I wouldnt advise more than one pair initially, they will outgrow them before they even break their first pair in properly. Go with one, you can always add additional pairs as and when needed. The teacher may make suggestions for a better fit anyway.


Students in years 7-9 only have two pointe lessons a week so it isnt a major part of their weekly routine.


Exciting times ahead!!

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