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White Lodge Open Day - Saturday 9th June


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You might not have seen this tucked away in the news part of the forum - it's under Jubilee Celebrations:




And the info on the school's website:




I thought that some of you might be interested in going to the open day and it's unusual to be at the end of half term like this. I usually meet up with lots of "old" friends and have a lovely day - this will be my 10th or 11th :) . I remember one of the first times I went, I had my son (who did end up at WL a year later), daugter and a friend with me and a lady in the queue going in was chatting to the girls, asking did they dance etc, and would they like to go to the school - I had to point out that it was my son she should be talking to......


The timing's worked out well for us this year as ds won't have gone back to Elmhurst so he's coming with me - he's looking forward to seeing some staff members he hasn't seen for a while - last time he visited was about 4 years ago.


Hope to see some of you there :)

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The event on the 9th June 2012 is The White Lodge Museum 2012 Diamond Jubilee Open Day: including guided tours, historical talks and dance workshops and is open to the public, but not with the traditional dancing on the lawn. The Summer Fair on 16th June is just for family and friends of RBS Students at WL and not open to the public.


Hope this clarifies things :)

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Thanks everyone - thought it was a little unusual. I forget that every other year it's a "summer fair" for friends and family rather than the "open day" open to all (as we've been every year, regardless - probably more a a "friend" on occasions!! There's actually no restriction on who they let in - it's just not publicised so widely. When it's the summer fair they don't do guided tours etc, but I still think people love to come and see the dancing.


Has anyone got any details on the "dance workshops" they say they're doing?

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