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New book about Fonteyn, any thoughts?

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Found this on line:




Anyone read it?  Lulu, in this instance seems to be a self publishing outfit, always wary of those.


I didn't like this criticism of Meredith Daneman's book "Margot Fonteyn's closest friends don't appear in Daneman's detailed biography."  I think they do, one of Margot's closest friends was also a friend of mine during the years she (Ana-Christina) lived in London and she has umpteen mentions all through the book.


I remember a book about Nureyev that appeared out of the blue about ten years ago that was packed with inaccuracies from someone no one had ever heard of and who played no part in the two more reputable biographies about him.


Perhaps I am doing the author an injustice but I am wary by nature.  Can anyone shed more light here?







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Thanks Janet, can't say the web site impressed me very much.  Regardless of the prose, I would buy any book on Margot if it contained a substantial number of photos I hadn't seen before but there is no mention of illustrations.

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