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Dance season on Radio 3

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I am listening to Deborah Bull presenting the first of 4 programmes on Radio 3 as part of their dance season-( this is first of  four programmes in their Saturday Classics series on Saturdays at 2pm) an excellent selection of music used for ballet, though not written for ballet, with her interesting commentary.


She is a great presenter:  so well-informed, authoritative yet with an easy pleasant manner and a nice clear voice. Why on earth she is not on TV all the time, I can't imagine.


Next week apparently it's Wayne Sleep.


All on i-player of course. recommended.


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Deborah Bull should be presenting the RB cinema relays...I've always said this. She's a million miles better than Darcey Bussell.

I could not agree more.

...and if it's glamour they insist on she can do that too, after all.

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No.  I can't.


(Sorry for lateness of reply: I missed spotting this one)

Alison, I think you can listen to some of the episodes if you 'goggle' it. The link to Radio 3 page for the series suggests you can.
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