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My DS will graduate from Italia Conti in July this year so we/he is starting his journey out into the 'real' world.  He graduates with various qualifications (Adv 2 ISTD Ballet/Tap/Modern, DDI/DDE teaching qualification in ballet) along with other 'circus' type skills (ariel, silks, pole, etc) and Lamda acting qualifications along with a much improved singing voice.. so all in all he's prepared himself for the industry as best he can.  He has also been fortunate to secure an agent too.


He auditioned the other day for Disney and had got through (allbeit on their waiting list) - he put down a potential start date of September this year due to other committments. I am of course pleased for him but I would be interested to hear what the perception of Disney is within the industry i.e. is it a good thing to have on your CV? 


My only niggle/concern is that with the standard he has achieved is he (I I dont want to sound big-headed here) 'over-qualified' for this?? I have also said to him that if other auditions come up between now and September where is his successful to get as many 'offers' on the table so to speak. 


This is the point now where we are venturing into the 'unknown' and just at the start of his career which is quite a daunting feeling.  I dont want him to rush into the first offer he gets necessarily.






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