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New Etoile at Paris Opera Ballet

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Goodness, I must be getting out of touch! I've never even heard of her :(


Congratulations to her, all the same. What do people think of her - is this any indication of new management ideas, priorities etc.?

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some of the group I took to Montreal to see POB in Paquita in October went to an extra performance and saw Hecquet (the whole group saw Albisson's performance). This is what one (a ballet teacher) had to say:

Paquita was danced by a sujet Laura Hecquet, who  was absolutely brilliant and completed the entire performance without so much as a drop of sweat or any indication at all of how taxing the technical elements were. Her balances in the pas de deux were spectacular! (Not even a hint of a wobble). I've never, ever, seen such balances.


So it would seem she leapt straight from sujet to Etoile.

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