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Royal ballet mid assosciate assessments


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Hi Dancingdaisy3 - just out of interest as we live nearer to Manchester, which year of the Associates would your dd have been going into?


My dd is currently a mid at Birmingham but no letters yet but then the assessment was only on Tuesday of this week. Not at all sure dd will be continuing as has been offered an MDS for a vocational school for September 2012 but just keeping options open at the moment.


Does anyone know when the Bristol and London assessments were?

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Thanks Dancingdaisy3 -


Birmingham letters are out today - DD offered another year and only a week to reply but not had paperwork from vocational school yet so don't know what to do.


Do you know if all the letters are just a standard template with the name changed to reflect the person they are being sent to? Was just curious as I saw one of the letters last year and it was different to the one DD just got?

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