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Pointe shoe ribbons


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I have pinned dd's ribbons on her new pointe shoes but before I sew them can I check with all you knowledgeable people if they're in the right place.


Her teacher marked the positions of the ribbons but I'm not sure if the angles look right.


On the left shoe, the outside ribbon slants downwards towards the front and the inside one slants upwards towards the front.


Right shoe - outside one slants up towards the front and inside one slants downwards towards the front.


Do you think this sounds right?

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Could be, it all depends on the shape of your dd's arch. I've found that with my dd that the ribbons gape if I sew them on at too much of a slant. I tend to do them at right angles now.


Don't forget that the inside ribbon needs to be about a hand's width longer than the outside one, since it goes round the ankle an extra half-turn when it is tied.

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There is another thread on this forum about sewing on pointe ribbons where you will find some very useful advice, tips and help.


I've looked at a pair of my daughters shoes and both ribbons seem to slant at the same angle.


If you search for Grischko pointe shoes on YouTube you'll see a demonstration by Amanda on sewing pointe ribbons. This can look a bit scary and confusing but it does work. I have been sewing my dd's ribbons for years, usually pinning them, dd trying them one, me sewing them dd trying them on, me unpicking them etc until I was pointed in the direction of this demonstration. I was a but dubious but this way has worked for my daughters feet. Perhaps the way they mark the shoe will help you get the correct angle. You can still use these marks this even if you've cut the ribbons more than this method recommend.


I will admit here that I found it really confusing when I sewed the ribbons on dd's first pointe shoes, and it really didn't get any better until I found the demonstration. I don't get myself in a flap anymore.


If you should prick your finger and get a drop of blood you the shoe, don't panic - use a drop of your own saliva - it will get rid of the mark.


Hope this helps :)

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Lemongirl, both my dd's ribbons slant upwards from the heel. I leave the inside ribbons longer. I'd suggest pinning them and getting your dd to try the shoes on and do the ribbons up before you sew them if you're unsure.

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