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Sunday Telegraph 15th February ROH cinema 2 for 1

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Tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph is offering 2 for 1 on the next few ROH cinema broadcasts. The only ballet available is Swan Lake on Tuesday 17th March (encore performanceSunday 22nd March. I was a bit surprised as normally the offers aren't until nearer the performance date when I've already booked but this time the first performance is an opera on Feb. 24th (Bryn Terfel in the Flying Dutchman)so I'll be able to take advantage of it to book for Swan Lake. I don't know how many people it is valid for and if it is just for the live performance or can also be used for the encore performance on the Sunday.

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I want to see Swan Lake twice at the cinema both for the live performance and the 'encore' performance the following Sunday, the 22nd March at 2pm. When I checked Blackpool, my nearest Odeon cinema to be showing the encore performance, I realised the encore ticket prices were almost half that of the live performances. I think the live performance prices were £15.50 adults and £13.50 seniors and £13 children. However, the encore prices were £8.50 adult and £6.50 children and £7.05 seniors. Quite a difference in price and some people may prefer going to a 'matinee' rather than turning out in the dark.

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