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DISCOVR has finally launched


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Just about 20 years late...




My husband worked on this satellite back in the late 1990s when it was still called Triana and when Al Gore (its originator) was still VP. Funding was cut off early in the Bush administration and the satellite was put into mothballs - actually there were a few attempts to have it broken up for scrap, but Senator Mikulski and some NASA people made enough of a ruckus that they never quite managed to physically destroy it. It was resurrected in 2009 and refurbished, and today (after a couple of false starts on Sunday and Monday) it finally launched!


There are still some possibilities for everything to go pear-shaped before it gets to the L1 point, but it's looking good so far.


My husband has this massive grin on his face! Pity he's retired now, but he spent a lot of time working on it back in the day, and this is such good news for the people who worked so hard on it.

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