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English Youth Ballet Audition - What to expect?


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the EYB audition is a class. there is two groups, one for ages 8-11 and the other 12-18 (i think!)

as the class is mixed ages it is set at a general difficulty level, probably around inter foundation for the senior group. i don't know about the younger age group, sorry.

in the class you do everything you would as normal so plies, tendus, adage, allegro etc. its just all in the centre.

the children have numbers and are in lines in numerical order and the lines are swapped after each exercise so everyone is seen, its very organised!

for allegros and such they're split into groups of around 5-10 from what i can remember.

and no, no-one is asked to leave. although Miss Lewis who watches the audition will call out the numbers of some children and ask them to do another usually more advanced enchainment, this is to finalise who will get the scholarships.

at the end everyone is asked to sit down and the numbers are called out of those children who got in.


however many children who dont get in on the day are offered reserve places as people often have to drop out.

the class itself is a great experience and one of the most important aspects is to perform - its an audition for a performing opportunity so the technique isnt as highly concentrated on (obviously it needs to be at a good level but if you smile enough they might not look at your feet;) ) 


sorry this is such a long answer, so i hope its useful in someway!! :P

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Sorry I missed where you said Coppelia! Yes, my DD did that one when she was 12 or 13. She was a Little Friend and a Prayer en Pointe and really enjoyed it. How old is your DD? The best thing about EYB in my opinion is that whilst there are always a few higher profile parts, generally for the oldest students, there are no bad parts and everyone gets a good amount of time on stage and can be seen. There are some gorgeous costumes in Coppelia and the dances are all lovely so I am sure you and your DD will have a great time. The first rehearsal is the casting and you will find out which part she has then.

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