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Newspaper firewalls & subscriptions

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A few people have commented about the paywalls on some of the online newspapers' sites but the subscriptions don't seem to be as expensive as before.  For instance, I get a Times+ subscription at a discount simply because I refused to renew at the increased price.   I now pay only £6.67 for a month's online access to all issues. 


Plus there are other offers such as free ibooks, discounted tickets to some events and cinema tickets.  I don't take up many of these but the 2 for 1 weekend deal at all Odeon cinemas is good.  Last week I took a friend to see Into the Woods for the bargain price of £4.25 each and if only some of the ballet transmissions were on a Saturday and Sunday I could see those at half price too.


In case you're wondering, I don't have any connection to Mr Murdoch's empire but when you consider the cost of buying a newpaper every day, the price is good value.  I used to buy the weekend editions for the arts coverage but even just that would cost more than the online subscription.



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