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Just wondered if anyone was experiencing any problems with Bloch mail order? The shop are fantastic and have always sent things through promptly and processed returns. However I am having a complete nightmare with the online company branch-losing things between their old and new warehouse. Anyone had any experiences of lost orders/returns?

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Not had any problems with returns sleep123, but just their complete lack of being able to fulfil an order.  Totally agree that the shop are super helpful, but mail order are a complete nightmare.


DD's teacher had placed an order for 2 lovely leotards that DD had picked as birthday (in Nov) & Christmas presents in August along with her normal order for uniform items etc.  Despite placing orders every other week and being promised that these items would be in 'the next order delivery'.  We eventually cancelled these and I went to the shop when I was in London for work the week before December.


Not sure if it was because it wasn't something that her Teacher normally ordered - but surely fulfilling an order for 2 leotards at almost £30 each is extra business that they would want?


Needless to say though it actually cost me a lot more than the original cost of the leotards as I then visited Freed, Capezio and Dancia while I was there!  I actually had to check-in my overnight bag when I returned to the Airport as I had so much hand luggage that I would have needed an entire overhead locker to myself.  Oops, that's the problem with not having any of these shops near us at home.

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We were told by dancewear shop that Bloch have had problems during the warehouse switch over with orders taking up to 4 weeks but Bloch have assured them things are getting back to normal now. So I would assume it has not really mattered where you order from at the moment if the problem has been with Bloch themselves.

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