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Wanted - RBS JA white girls leotard Size 3


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A friend of my dd who is a year 6 JA has outgrown her leotard. Her Mum doesn't want to buy her a new one as she only has 6 months left of JAs and they are quite expensive, so I was wondering if anyone might have an old one that they've finished with, that they wouldn't mind selling. Please let me know if you do. Thanks!

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I have one. (I presume it's the 1st position one - white, with 'The Royal Ballet School' in blue on the back?) DD left JA's 2 years ago. I ended up folding the gusset over by 1 inch and hand sewing across, as it was still too long in the body for her. She refused to wear it, and made do with her size 2! So, it's actually never been worn. I've just undone the stitches and all you can see across the gusset is a faint fold. PM me if you're interested.

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