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Hope in a Ballet Shoe


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Thanks for the warning ..


however, can I take this opportunity to mention "Fish Feet," telling the story of a 15 year old male ballet dancer.  A bit of bad language, we could all pick holes in the accuracy of some scenes but hey, it's a book about a boy dealing with the conflicts of football and ballet, and what to tell his mates.


Author is Veronica Bennett.

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Hope in a Ballet Shoe is my DD’s favourite book ever! She got it when she was about 12 and has read it many times (as did the rest of the family!) Reading that book led us to discover First Position which is a fab film too, another favourite. We have become such big Michaela de Prince fans that we lurked outside the Coliseum after an amazing performance of Giselle last year and met her. She signed DD’s well thumbed book and was utterly sweet! 

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