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Russian Pointe Shoes

Sheila Beelam

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This may be of interest to those who haven't tried "Russian Pointe" shoes...

On Monday 16th feb we are hosting a pointe shoe fitting day with one of the fitters from Russian Pointe, who is coming over from America to our shop!

It's going to be appointment only and due to limited space will fill up quickly! You can book your slot between 11-4pm by phoning the shop or sending me a message here or by email :)

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My dd too is now in love with Russian Pointes, simply because they suit her feet! She says they are really comfortable, and she no longer suffers the blisters etc that she did with her previous make (that she'd worn for several years).


The shoes come in a multitude of styles, widths, vamp heights and either rounded or V shape, and shank strengths.


And last but not least, the fantastic fittings and service from Just Ballet :)

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Russian pointes offer a large range of shoe styles, all with different height crowns, platform sizes etc. Then within each style you can specify vamp length, shank strength and box width. Vamps come in three heights and widths 1-5. You can then select a v shaped vamp or U vamp and with or without drawstring.


We've found then a very popular brand and suitable for lots of feet, so long as you gave the breadth of stock available (which we do!)


We still have a few fitting slots available for Monday 16th if anybody wants to speak to the Russian Pointe fitter and find out more about the shoes from the expert!

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